Piquillo peppers Piquillo Peppers G.O. Lodosa

The red peppers or Piquillo’s peppers have got a triangle shape. They are not very big and they are obtained in a very particular way. After a very careful selection, they are grilled on a vegetable coal surface or with gaz which gives them a special flavour and smell.

The Dantza Piquillo’s peppers have got the Navarra Guarantee of Origin.

They are “gold series” peppers which are emphasized by their quality and characteristical flavours, which are obtained from a careful selection and important quality controls.


Guarantee of Origin: Lodosa
Mark: Dantza
Packaging: Glass
Weight: 250gr

Ideas for Tasting

You can serve them as a snack, a starter or together with meat or fish.
You could enjoy the Piquillo Peppers' taste and sweetness:

- Piquillo Salad
- Anchovy Toast

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